Decades of Trust

JOINER follows international quality systems to ensure that our customers get the most attractive wooden door and window frames, panels and shutters.
Our team of skilled designers create modern designs that are attractive and durable.

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The Pioneer in Wooden Doors and Windows - Established in 1999

JOINER is completing two decades in manufacturing and delivering high quality wooden door and window frames, panels, and shutters. As the most growing wooden products manufacturing company, we provide complete solutions to give you a great lifestyle.

Plans are in place to expand our marketing area to include every type of wooden product. Our team is working on traditional designs to give your bedrooms, drawing rooms, living rooms, kitchens and exteriors a luxe feel at an affordable cost. Each project is different from the others and our designers and workers are dedicated to developing innovative ideas to meet your requirements. JOINER assures you superior quality woods for maximum durability.

Company overview

JOINER began operations as a specialist in the timber trade. After 20 years as timber merchants and millers, we started manufacturing doors and windows. JOINER’s new and innovative approach introduces previously unavailable high quality door designs at affordable rates. We have now grown to be a leading supplier of high quality wooden products in Kerala.

Our Mission

Our ancestors gave a lot of importance to living close to nature. As a result, traditional designs and materials provided comfort and harmony with a focus on symmetry and blending in with the surroundings. Traditional homes welcome one with warmth and familiarity and provide a sense of comfort. At JOINER, we believe in bringing back traits of tradition to our designs and products while embracing innovations and contemporary concepts.


JOINER is a manufacturing firm owned by Mr. Sabu Joseph (Managing Director) and Jeena Sabu (Director). Mr. Sabu Joseph’s able leadership has seen the firm grow exponentially through innovative ideas, creative thinking, hard work and high level of dedication.