The elite manufacturer of wooden doors and windows since 1999

JOINER is an exclusive concern that manufactures and supplies solid wood door and window frames and wood sizes. We are based in Thiruvananthapuram and deliver products across Kerala. JOINER ensures that its customers get quality products to build their dream homes. Leading builders, interior designers, and professional architects recommend our products to the people.

We use advanced machinery to fashion innovative and eye-catching product designs. At JOINER, we adopt the latest technology to make sure that our wooden frames and panels give long-lasting satisfaction. Please go through the product pages to see the wide range of products..

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Why Joiner?

We are a one-stop wooden manufacturing company which has decades of experience in producing and supplying wooden doors, door panels, windows and wood sizes with great value and excellence. Our products will help you build your home in a premium finish at an affordable cost. Each and every wooden piece has been picked to ensure that your home is beautiful, rock-solid and durable for decades. And that makes JOINER stand out from all others. Every day, we work to improve on the perfection of our product to satisfy the wishes of our customers.

Wooden Doors and Frames

Choose the suitable wooden door frame based on the size and design from a wide range of elegant door frames. Get more specifications.

Wooden Windows and Frames

Find the great collection of wooden window frames on our website which will make your home prettiest with safety and durability.

Customized Wooden Furniture

Measure twice, Cut once , we believe in keeping things simply usefull, beautifully made and true to their materials with a sense of playfulness.

Teak Wood Flooring

JOINER Wood is the most growing Teak Wood Flooring manufacturing company with a large number of existing clients in the housing sector.

Kitchen Cabinets and Wardrobes

100% Natural kerala forest Teakwood kitchen cabinet and wardrobes at your imagination.

Wood Logs

Imported wood logs, Country woods and Kerala forest teak available at our saw mill.

Client Review

It's true that I got really superb doors, door panels and window frames from JOINER Wood. I appreciate their fast processing and timely delivery at my doorstep. I can really feel that they have used quality woods to manufacture the items.

Client Review

As a leading architecture, I am always preferring quality products and materials for my clients. JOINER Wood is delivering solid wooden doors and frames for my clients. I recommend their products only because my clients are totally happy with it.